We do Activist Innovation Research

You need new products, services, and campaigns to grow your profits & change the world.

We do online qualitative research, and build new stuff, so you can deliver faster and better.

You get powerful answers in days, with at least 60% cost saving compared to old-world research.

We are activists with 18 years’ experience of creating change. We can help YOU.

Activist Innovation Research (in-depth interviews)

  • Book today, start tomorrow (subject to availability).
  • All briefing, recruitment and incentives are managed online.
  • Research participants book interview slots online.
  • In-depth interviews conducted online via Zoom video conferencing.
  • Get edited quotes, stories & checklist of findings.
  • Benefit from our experience of researching different audiences.
  • Final wrap up video to explore actionable insight.

Activist Innovation Research (inc. focus groups)

  • Book today, start tomorrow (subject to availability).
  • All briefing, recruitment, incentives & research are managed online.
  • Groups can be run outside working hours; answers while you sleep.
  • Avoid the administrative hassle of off-line qualitative research.
  • We will help you decode what people said AND meant.
  • We will help you build and shape new products, services, campaigns.
  • Final wrap up video call to share actionable insight.

Rapid on-the-ground research

  • Sometimes only ‘on the ground research’ will do.
  • We are experienced in research in complex settings.
  • E.g. hospitals, refugee camps, homeless shelters and more.
  • We have a track record of safely securing access.  
  • You still get rapid turnaround once research begins.
  • We will help you build new products based on what people REALLY want. 

Our packages can be customised to your needs; just ask.

We can help when…

  • You’re launching a new product or service.
  • You’re building a new digital offer or website.
  • Customers are leaving (and you don’t know why).
  • You need communications that truly resonate.
  • You need to listen to staff harder.
  • You need to understand behaviour .
  • You don’t know which way to go….

 Working with Patrick has been great for approaching new ideas strategically. Most recently we have been exploring how to work with businesses who wish to grow profits alongside their social and environmental impact. Time and budget has been limited, so Patrick led the research through invaluable online interviews, which were quickly followed up with key findings. This alleviated the administrative planning usually associated with qualitative research.

Jo Fackler

Communications Consultant

Patrick is quite simply the best campaigner I have worked with. He is both strategic in his thinking and thorough in his delivery. He introduced a whole range of new engagement opportunities for The Stroke Association that inspired support and engagement from thousands of new supporters.

Rachel Bhageerutty

Head of Brand, The Stroke Association

Benefits you’ll get

  • Rapidly understand what people truly want.
  • Gain insight from day one.
  • Understand people to grow profits.
  • Find out what works and what doesn’t, quickly.
  • We will help you build support for your plans.

How we work

  • Upload a brief to the Outrageous Impact website.
  • We video conference to agree research scope.
  • Sign off and payments are all handled online.
  • Research participants RSVP via an online diary.
  • You get key quotes, stories, themes in days.
  • Final video conference to talk through findings.

Which? (The Consumers’ Association) has more than 700,000 campaign supporters, who actively work with us to achieve change for UK consumers. Patrick has helped us take big strides in taking our online engagement offline. This has included UK-wide focus groups and supporter listening events. Patrick’s research around social care helped the Which? project team gain invaluable first-hand evidence to inform the strategic approach of our campaign.

Patrick Steen

Head of Social, Supporter and Community Engagement, Which?

Independent and powerful results

  • We know what it takes to get real change to happen.
  • See beyond what people say to what they MEAN.
  • Get distance and perspective on your work and plans.
  • Benefit from our robust processes for online research.
  • Spend your time making better decisions, not running research.