Delivering more successful launches through customer research

Are you about to launch a new product, service or campaign? If you haven’t had your offer independently researched with customers, it is worth reflecting how the wrong product can quickly go viral, damaging your brand and your reputation. With 15 years’ experience, I will find out what customers think, feel, and need about your new offer so you launch with greater confidence.

Don’t Press Go Before You Know (pre-launch)

For when you are just about to launch a new product or campaign but have not had it independently tested with your customers, this includes:

  • Depth online interviews to see how your offer connects
  • Interview transcripts to you within 72 hours
  • Actionable results in concise written form
  • Advice and guidance on building a winning proposition
  • Price £8,000 (*)
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Don’t Press Go Before You Know (deeper dive)

For when you need to understand in depth what your customers and potential customers think about the topic and your offer. The deeper dive is for when you have more time and includes:

  • Depth interviews and transcripts as per ‘Pre-launch’
  • Online focus groups, which you can virtually observe, as I test your offer
  • Collecting stories and multimedia assets to help you launch successfully
  • Digital feedback throughout research so you can keep track of themes
  • Actionable results in concise written form
  • Price £16,000 (*)
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* Special pricing for all bookings before 20 October 2018