Helping you make sense of people.

If you need to understand how and why people are behaving as they are, we should talk. This might be to enhance your reputation, launch a new product or to thrive during a crisis. We can help.

We have developed a series of products that can be bought separately or together. This means you can grow as you get more comfortable in us, our process, and your own capabilities. Our mission is to help you become more confident and ready so you can better serve your customers, whatever comes next.

The products below are based around the hugely successful Design Thinking approach. This has been used by companies and not-for-profits for decades. Combined with our experience and track record, we will deliver.

We are founder members of TEN, putting the top 1% of global innovators at your fingertips. This allows you to turn what we learn through research in to new products, services and more.

Rapid Assessment

‘Rapid Assessment’ is ideal if you want to scope out a tough ‘human behaviour’ problem you’re working on. Maybe you are losing clients. Perhaps you have a media, political and social media crisis that is keeping you awake at night. Or you wonder if you are in the same business as your clients think you are. At the end of this you will have a clear picture of what you are facing, and a routemap for the next steps to take for a more peaceful night!

Insight and reputation management

Our expertise is in helping you decode human behaviour. We conduct focus groups, in-context (ethnographic) research, depth interviews, surveys and prototyping often on very controversial, sensitive and political topics. You might need us if you:

  • Want future strategy or new product to be informed by people.
  • Want to find out why people are acting in a certain way.
  • Want to thrive in a crisis spanning media (including online), political engagement, customer relations and more.