If you have taken the decision to begin innovating, you will have lots of questions. This is absolutely as it should be. A key one will be ‘what will I get?’

From our experience, we know that innovation can lead to real fear. Fear about making a mistake and the consequences of doing so. That is why we want to take ‘the risk out of taking risks’.

We have developed a series of products that can be bought separately or together. This means you can grow as you get more comfortable in us, our innovation process, and your own capabilities. Our mission is to help you become more innovative so you can better help those you serve.

The products below are based around the hugely successful Design Thinking approach. This has been used by companies and not-for-profits for decades. Combined with our experience and track record, we will deliver.

The Innovation Experiment 

We will work with you to scope out a tough problem you’re working on. This could be thinking about your strategy, a political engagement campaign that has got stuck or how to make your customer service truly delightful. At the end of The Innovation Experiment you will have a clear routemap for the next steps to take, and an insight into the range of innovative tools and tactics we use.

The Innovation Project

The Innovation project is about getting out of the office and spending time on the ground listening and understanding. Based on what we hear, your team and ours will build new products, services, and processes to delight your donors, staff or those you serve. We will leave you with a set of innovation tools you can use on an ongoing basis to tackle other tough problems.

The Innovative Culture

This project is about supporting leaders at every level of your organisation to develop an innovative culture. A culture that understands risk and embraces it. We will share our exclusive research on how the most innovative not-for-profits in the world are building long-term innovation pipelines. During this period we will build new products, services, and processes to set the stage for your future success. We will be measuring and evaluating all we learn to help your organisation meet its mission and vision. 

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