Mission statement


I do qualitative research for people changing the world

  • This means understanding how people behave, and why.
  • I know that regular, online qualitative research can help organisations change the world faster.
  • Over nearly two decades I have used research to grow income, change laws, improve professional practice and change lives.

I want a fairer world

  • This starts with ensuring that the earth is enhanced for future generations.
  • I want a world without fossil fuels.
  • I want a world where financial markets play a responsible role.
  • I want a world where people and planet are seen as integral to each other.
  • I want a world where business and social impact are seen as reinforcing each other.
  • I am starting to see how without climate justice, there is no justice.
  • I will do all I can to ensure that climate change is tackled.

Right now, Outrageous Impact is just me

  • I know the way I do business can work really well for clients and people with family or caring responsibilities.
  • We have an ageing population and more people will need to work longer and more flexibly.
  • My business model can address this societal challenge, providing flexible, well paid opportunities for people keen to work in research, people who may also happen to have caring responsibilities.

My goals (April 2019 to March 2020)

  1. I will make my operation 100% carbon neutral within 12 months.
  2. I will audit all my suppliers to ensure that they do not contribute to climate chaos (changing suppliers as needed).
  3. I will donate 5% of my annual profits to organisations tackling climate change.
  4. I will spend time listening and learning from actors in the climate movement, to grow my knowledge of how I can best serve.
  5. When hiring researchers, I will actively seek out (and pay above market rates to) people with parental or caring responsibilities.
  6. I will monitor my progress towards these goals and share what works and doesn’t (via this site).
  7. I will work toward becoming certified as a B-Corp (B Corporation) in the coming year.