Empower people, protect planet, grow profits

We use human behaviour research so you can change the world

  • We believe that businesses have a powerful role to play in helping humanity live well.
  • They create wealth, tackle social injustices and can safeguard the future of the planet.
  • However, this is not universally true and a world where people, planet and profits combine is still a way off. 
  • The scale of the climate crisis will demand a huge acceleration from all to meet this challenge. 
  • In the coming years, there will be an explosion of brands working to grow profits and transform the world. 

Understanding human behaviour can unlock huge value and impact

  • There is a significant gap between what people say they will do (in theory) and how they actually behave.
  • Understanding this gap can unlock huge value and lead to positive improvements in people’s lives.

We will play our part (2020-21)

  1. To make Outrageous Impact’s operation 50% carbon neutral within 18 months.
  2. To audit all suppliers to ensure that they do not contribute to climate chaos (changing suppliers as needed).
  3. To donate 5% of annual profits to organisations tackling climate change.
  4. To engage in activism and action to ensure political pressure is created to solve this challenge.
  5. To spend time listening and learning from actors in the climate movement, to inform our work.
  6. To actively seek out (and pay above market rates to) researchers with parental or caring responsibilities.
  7. To look to train and progress people not traditionally work in human behaviour research.
  8. To work toward becoming certified as a B-Corp (B Corporation) in 2020-21. 
  9. To monitor progress towards these goals, sharing what works.