The Outrageous Manifesto

The World Is Changing Fast

  • We see businesses, B-Corps, NGOs and purpose/profit businesses positively changing the world, fast.
  • We see people creating wealth, tackling social injustices, protecting the planet and more.
  • However, a world where people, planet and profits are truly balanced is a way off.

We Believe It Is Critical To Understand Human Behaviour

  • There is a significant gap between what people say they will do (in theory) and how they actually behave.
  • Understanding this gap can unlock huge value and lead to positive improvements in people’s lives.
  • The scale of the climate crisis will demand a huge acceleration from people and businesses to ensure a liveable planet.
  • We believe everyone has a role to play in tackling the climate crisis.

At Outrageous Impact, we will play our part (2020-21)

  • We will make Outrageous Impact’s operation 50% carbon neutral within 18 months.
  • We will audit all suppliers to ensure that they do not contribute to climate chaos (changing suppliers as needed).
  • We will donate 5% of our annual profits and time to organisations tackling climate change.
  • We will support activism and action to ensure political pressure is created to solve this challenge.
  • We will continue to spend time listening and learning from actors in the climate movement, to inform our work.
  • We will actively seek out (and pay above market rates to) researchers with parental or caring responsibilities.
  • We will look to train and progress people not traditionally work in human behaviour research.
  • We will work toward becoming certified as a B-Corp (B Corporation) in 2020-21.
  • We will monitor progress towards these goals, sharing what works (and doesn’t).