Picture of brick wall, dry stone walling, lots of different colours of stone.In the wake of the decision to leave the EU, I was feeling depressed. I had always seen the EU as a binding together of economic interests and therefore a safety barrier preventing war. Despite the media rhetoric, I thought others felt the same. I was crushed when the majority said they didn’t. Mostly, I just didn’t understand.

In the aftermath, a group of Remain voters (coordinated by Petro Tyson and myself) decided to bring together people on both sides to discuss a simple question: “How might we build peace and shared prosperity in post-Brexit Britain?”.

We did this through an Open Space event in Birmingham in late 2016, with the participants setting the agenda.

The day was fantastic but also very full on. We covered a huge range of topics and also decided that we would document our process to help others. You can see our process document, ‘Conversations that Matter’, below. Feel free to use it, share it, remix it – please just let us know what you do with it.

Many thanks to all who contributed, name-checked in the document, including the fab team at Neo.

If you want help on holding a difficult conversation, let’s have an easy one first and schedule a coffee.

How to hold difficult conversations that matter
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