Outrageous Impact Show – Open for Business – Bob Qureshi

What do you do when your business is all about bringing people together and a pandemic is keeping people apart?

Open for Business is a three-part Outrageous Impact special on the in-person market research industry, the people working in it and the incredible journey they have been on to keep open, safe & delivering for clients. 

We’ll hear about the ups, downs, the lessons learned and what this tells the wider Market Research sector about how to navigate through a pandemic. 

This series was made possible with support from our friends at Little Bird Marketing. https://littlebirdmarketing.com

First up, Bob Qureshi, founder and co-owner of i-view (London, Leeds & Warsaw) viewing facilities. Bob has over 35 years’ industry experience and is amongst a select group of individuals elected as a Fellow of the UK Market Research Society. Bob is based in London.

We discuss:

–       Starting a business and whether location or clients come first
–       The importance of collaboration and leadership during a crisis.
–       Bob’s optimism about the future. 
–       How the firm reacted at difficult moments of the pandemic.
–       Body language and more!

Find out more about i-view at http://i-viewlondon.com

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