Outrageous Impact Show – Open for Business – Abby Goodell

What do you do when your business is all about bringing people together and a pandemic is keeping people apart?

Open for Business is a three-part Outrageous Impact special on the in-person market research industry, the people working in it and the incredible journey they have been on to keep open, safe & delivering for clients. 

We’ll hear about the ups, downs, the lessons learned and what this tells the wider Market Research sector about how to navigate through a pandemic. 

This series was made possible with support from our friends at Little Bird Marketing.

In this second show, I chat with Abby Goodell, Vice President of Fieldwork Network International. Abby has held a number of roles with Fieldwork Network International and now leads their international division. Abby is currently on the Fieldwork Advisory Council and is an active member of ESOMAR. Abby is based in Brooklyn.

We discuss:

–       Leading during a pandemic.
–       The blurring of lines between personal and private.
–       The importance of casual conversations.
–       How to still do in-person research when travel is limited.
–       The unexpected reasons why participants are coming back. 

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