Outrageous Impact Show – Luke from Koa

An interview with Luke Gray, Co-Founder of Koa, an innovative design company based in the UK and Chicago.

Luke comes from a deep heritage of product design and is now in the process of redesigning the way we make our beds. Yes, no more needing to jump into the duvet to change it.

In this interview you’ll hear about:

  • The research and 2 years of testing that got them to now.
  • The decision to go on to Kickstarter and the marketing playbook they are following.
  • The people who have inspired and guided Koa to this point.
  • The ethics of manufacturing and the firm’s aspiration of becoming a BCorp.
  • The tools they are using to grow the business (including Miro and RocketReach).
  • More about his puppy.
  • Find out more about Koa here.