Outrageous Impact Show – Andy Wilkins

In this interview, a first as it features music!

I chat with Andy Wilkins. Andy is a futurist and customer-centred innovation strategist, who has worked at BT, strategy consultancy ADL and a start up.

More recently Andy co-founded a new Think Tank – Vision4Health to build on a new report he co-authored which sets out a provocation to Politicians, Healthcare Leaders and Industry describing a new vision for person-centred public healthcare in a technology-enabled 21st Century.

We discuss:

  • How to thrive in conferences
  • Andy’s music career
  • Why consultancies are brought in by clients
  • The current UK/England health landscape
  • The pressures of centralisation/decentralisation in health policy
  • Honouring the human in innovation

Find out more about Vision4Health here.