Outrageous Impact Show – Darren from Crunch

An interview with Darren Fell, CEO of Crunch, a cloud-based accountancy service, headquartered in Brighton and Hove.

Darren is on a mission to upend the traditional, staid world of accountancy through providing tools, real-life accountants and community to support businesses of all sizes. With 11,000 customers and 191 staff, and a passion for supporting people to work for themselves, Darren is well worth listening to. In this interview you’ll hear about:

  • Starting a business during times of crisis.
  • Escaping the corporate grind.
  • How to defeat cyber-squatters.
  • Support from the government for micro-business, freelancers and SMEs.
  • How Crunch got its name.
  • The power of brands.
  • Find out more about Crunch here. And their free community for the self-employed, Crunch Chorus here.