Outrageous Impact Show – Dominika Noworolska

In this interview, I speak with Dominika Noworolska.

Dominika is a Narrative Strategist and Semiotician, who works with big brands to help them decode culture. Dominika is also a member of the Outrageous Impact network of researchers.

We talk about:

– What semiotics is, how it works and why it matters
– The murder of Mr Floyd and how this challenges embedded power structures
– Dominika’s work producing a Map of Meaning for Glasgow
– The importance of being open about mental health, including in the workplace
– The work of Dr Rachel Lawes, Chris Arning, Caitlin Connors (Bright Harbour Research) and Sign Salad
– Why Polish surnames are the best.

Find out more about the Map of MeaningĀ and Dominika’s work.