Activist Legal Fund – FAQs

Who are Outrageous?

Outrageous are an insight research agency for people who are impatient to change the world.

Outrageous are Patrick and Daisy, plus a micro-SWAT team of activist insight researchers.

To understand why we’re on this journey, you’ll need a bit of backstory. Our origin began with a family in Nazi-occupied Poland, they were forced into hiding for four years before successfully escaping to safety in a small, leaky boat.

Our refugee couple would later have a grandson called Patrick, who grew up with a keen awareness of social injustice and the life – changing power of insurgence.

His grandparents saw humanity at its worst, but they also witnessed incredible kindness.

Several decades later, the world is still dragging its feet. Discrimination is rampant, the environment is in crisis, and fake news reigns supreme.

Change is hindered by the privileged few, who see progress as a threat to their status.

But all is not lost. Change is possible if we work smartly. Patrick chose to rage against the machine using insight research. He founded Outrageous to quickly mobilise big players by giving them powerful insights.

Daisy’s story is a little different.

David Allen is a name that probably doesn’t mean a lot to you but means a great deal to them. He was their grandad. Unfortunately, he died when they were 6. This meant they never really got to know him personally. Stories passed around the family however described the hugely positive impact he had on everyone’s lives he met. If Daisy’s Auntie needed picking up from the airport at 3am after her car had broken down or delivering Meals on Wheels around Hilbury Park retirement village, Dave was there! Now it’s their turn, to change people’s lives for the better.

Daisy has always been very curious it seems about everything. They have always wanted to know why and how. Having ADHD means their brain thrives on information and creative out-of-the-box thinking. They never settle for ‘that’s just how things are’.

What is the Activist Legal Fund?

We divert a portion of our profits to straight into our Activist Legal Fund, which we use to help individuals active in critical struggles. We only work with not-for-profit organisations and purpose led businesses.

What are our overall goals?

We want to fill the courts with so many social injustice activists, that everyone else will have no choice but to take notice of the climate crisis, and the linked crises of patriarchy, ableism and racism.

Why now?

The world is dragging its feet. Societal traditions and standards are outdated. We are facing a climate emergency that is a threat to us all. We need change now.

Who is eligible?

Anyone who is involved in critical struggles. Activism is ‘simpler’ and less dangerous for a straight white dude, than someone who is LGBTQI+, disabled, neurodiverse, younger, or who may be at the intersections. Our cash boosts are aimed at these folks!

What do we need from you?

As little as possible. We are aware that governments are increasingly using conspiracy charges against activists. We just need a one liner about why you need a boost. Then, as long as we have money in the Activist Legal Fund, we send you the cash.

Do I need to do something in return?

No. We don’t expect you to do anything just keep up the amazing work!

How will I get the money?

We use PayPal to transfer you the money.

Photo by Allan Watson from Pexels