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Moving from ‘victim’ to ‘survivor’ changes lives and raises millions.

While at Stroke Association, Patrick launched the ‘Life After Stroke’ campaign. He led a team that engaged 2,000 stroke survivors and carers to find out what they needed to get ‘back to life’ after stroke.

This led to three reports that delivered high-profile changes, such as moving Stroke Association into the Top 50 of the ‘Charity Brand Index’, establishing new guidelines for the treatment of childhood stroke, securing a £1 million NHS above-the-line advertising spend (to highlight the dangers of mini-stroke), changing the Care Act 2014, raising over £800,000 in income, bringing in 20,000 new email subscribers and helping secure partnerships with firms including Legal & General and a £2 million partnership with Royal Mail.

One stroke survivor even got this…

Picture of a man's forearm with a tattoo reading 'there is life after stroke'


Unlock Democracy is a democratic pressure group that exists to build a fairer balance of power between citizens and the state. They brought us in to develop a new story to grow public support and help them challenge the unprecedented powers that ministers will accrue through the EU Withdrawal Bill.

This work has seen us tour the country chatting with people who voted to leave and remain in the referendum. We have also developed a new theory of change and messaging framework. Unlock are now rolling out a new model for mobilising groups of volunteers across the country to challenge the #GreatBritishPowerGrab.

Exploring campaigning to help end rough sleeping.

We have been working with homeless charity Porchlight, which helps vulnerable and isolated people get support with their mental health, education and employment to enable them to find long-term housing.

One of Porchlight’s five-year strategic aims is to become a campaigning organisation and we helped the charity to understand exactly what campaigning means and to kick start that work. We shared our knowledge of the techniques behind successful campaigning and demonstrated how to achieve lasting change for homeless and vulnerable people.

Helping humanitarian aid organisation develop a new strategy.

Ross Bailey, External Relations & Advocacy Manager, Islamic Relief UK:

“I worked with Outrageous Impact to create a strategic plan for my External Relations and Advocacy Team. Patrick helped me break down a complex set of possibilities into an actionable set of options. He ran a two-day workshop with stakeholders across my organisation to help test and design our plan. Feedback from my colleagues was great and they left really bought in. I’d recommend Patrick for anyone looking for support on strategy, planning or design.”

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