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We set up and ran this multi-year campaign, based on research with 2,000 stroke survivors and carers. Stroke survivors said they wanted a right to make their best possible recovery but the care they needed was lacking.

This campaign transformed the understanding and care of stroke survivors. Highlights included:

  • New clinical guidelines for treatment of childhood stroke
  • Securing £1 million NHS advertising campaign on mini-stroke
  • Securing change to Care Act 2014, on rights of carers
  • Raising nearly £3 million in voluntary income

Facilitating tough discussions on Brexit

Campaign group Unlock Democracy wanted to develop a new story around the relationship between citizen and state in the wake of the UK’s decision to leave the EU. Using my experience of facilitating tough discussions around Brexit I:

  • Developed methodology for hosting tough discussion
  • Ran focus groups of leave, remain and mixed voters
  • Developed a new theory of change and messaging framework
  • Tested a new volunteer model for mobilising Unlock supporters
  • Worked with a sketch visualiser to communicate complex ideas


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