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Improving laws, lives and profits

Set up and ran this multi-year campaign, based on research with 2,000 stroke survivors and carers. Stroke survivors said they wanted a right to make their best possible recovery but the care they needed was lacking.

This campaign transformed the understanding and care of stroke survivors, including:

  • Funding and developing new clinical guidelines for treatment of childhood stroke.
  • £1 million NHS advertising campaign on mini-stroke.
  • Securing legislative change to Care Act 2014, enshrining rights of carers.
  • Raising nearly £3 million in voluntary income.

Facilitating discussions on Brexit

Campaign group Unlock Democracy wanted to develop a new story around relationship between citizen and state in the wake of the Brexit vote. Work included:

  • Developing a robust methodology for hosting tough discussion.
  • Focus groups of leave, remain and mixed voters.
  • Developed a new messaging framework.
  • Tested a new volunteer model for Unlock supporters.
  • Worked with sketch visualiser to communicate ideas.

We worked with Patrick on our Tree Charter project. His research is already helping us consider what we can do to make this project go even bigger. Working with Patrick was easy, and has helped us to be really clear about how we create positive change for trees.

Kaye Brennan

Lead Campaigner, The Woodland Trust


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