Charities Under the Spotlight

When you lead a charity you know how to make change happen. You improve people’s lives every day. However, this work is getting harder.

Those you serve want different things than before.  Those who give time and money are more courted than ever. And that’s before you have found and kept the best people on your team.

How you work is also under the spotlight.

Maybe you have a failing service. Or wonder whether there is space for several, near identical, non-profits in your sector. Perhaps income is down while your CEO’s pay is in the headlines.

Taken alone these problems can be difficult to address but when they come at the same time these can pose very hard questions.

If you have a tough problem you’d like to chat about, let’s have a coffee.

Creating Change to Improve Lives

My name is Patrick and Patrick Olszowski - Founder - Outrageous Impact - an organisation that helps charities changemy passion is for growing the impact of charities. I have spent 15 years leading teams in the sector, up to Director-level.

My small team and I are trusted by senior non-profit leaders.  Find out what people have said about working with us.

We help you find out what those you serve and other key people really think, feel and need. Not just what they say they need.

Using what we learn we work with you to deliver new products, services, and structures to deliver change.

Unlike many teams, we won’t just tell you what is going on.  We will also build and test alongside you. We will be constantly improving what we create together.

Everything we do is about creating real improvements you can measure.

If you have a tough problem you’d like to chat about, let’s have a coffee.