If you work in a charity you know exactly how much work goes into delivering real improvements that revolutionise people’s lives. You also know that charities are having to change ever faster in order to respond to a rapidly evolving world.

My name is Patrick Olszowski (pronounced Ol-Shos-Key) and after 15 years’ campaigning and leading teams, I set up Outrageous Impact to work alongside senior charity leaders in tackling tough problems faster.

Engaging Outrageous Impact will help you understand what your staff, trustees, supporters, beneficiaries and other vital people really think, feel, want and need.

Then using what we learn and the battle-proven ‘Human Centred Design’ methodology, my small team of associates and I will work with you to rapidly deliver new products, campaigns, services, and structures. All designed to improve lives faster.

Unlike many teams, we won’t just tell you what is going on.  We will also build and test alongside you, so we can deliver ever greater improvements for the people you serve, now and in the future.

What’s the tough problem you want to tackle?

We love working on tough problems and are particularly interested in:

  1. Tackling inequality, which is at the root of so many of today’s toughest problems.
  2. Responding faster to the global migration crisis, one of the defining issues of the coming decades.
  3. Defending civil liberties, now more at threat than ever.

If you have a tough problem you’re working on, which you’d like to tackle faster, let’s have a coffee.