Change machine


If you are a Director, CEO or Chair of a charity what keeps you awake at night?

  • Declining income, lower engagement and increased attrition among supporters?
  • Struggling to prove the difference you are making to your beneficiaries?
  • More complaints and incidents appearing on your board papers or the media?
  • Being in the media or political crossfire for your work?
  • A team in crisis?
  • Wanting to know how best to attract and retain the most committed staff?
  • Rapidly shifting global trends that leave you unsure where to go next?
  • Running a ‘growing portfolio of stuff’ without really being certain ‘why?’
  • Uncertainty as to where your charity will be in five, ten, twenty years’ time?

Outrageous Impact helps senior leaders build more resilient charities.

  • In short we help you turn your good cause in to a great one.
  • We do this through research, building campaigns, interim management and helping you develop products and services to improve the lives of your beneficiaries and supporters.
  • Outrageous Impact is run by Patrick Olszowski who has 11 years’ experience building award-winning, joined-up public affairs, media and mobilisation campaigns that deliver change, build brand and funds.
  • Outrageous Impact has access to a core group of professionals that can be called upon depending on the project.

We work with medium sized charities and those primed for growth.

  • We work with medium sized (typically £5m+ turnover) charities typically for a period up to six months.
  • We often come in at a time of transition or uncertainty.
  • We also work with charities primed for growth that need help to make that ‘leap’.

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Our secret sauce is not secret.  Our take is unique.

  • Outrageous Impact’s approach is based on a process called Human Centered Design.
  • This is a set of publicly available thinking and working processes that say if you want to build products, services, campaigns that people really love using make sure you involve the end-user throughout.
  • Outrageous Impact brings together Human Centered Design and a track record of winning campaigns, to help you win your issue sooner.

We will teach you a simple, repeatable, powerful process.

  1. We conduct research to better understand the needs and wants of your beneficiaries, supporters and others that matter to your organisation.
  2. Together with your team, we rapidly build and test improved ways of meeting the needs of supporters and beneficiaries.
  3. Throughout we teach you how this works, so you can roll it out again and again – continually refining, learning and responding to the changing needs of your people.
  4. We will be on hand to guide you, to help you win more sooner.


Want to build your charity’s resilience? Get in touch.